New Arrivals

Aaron to Zito is a sports card investment firm and baseball card shop. We offer strategic counseling, procurement, and sales representation aimed at transforming your hobby into a lucrative investment strategy.

The roots of our company took form in the San Fernando Valley, Granada Hills specifically, in 1978. It was that year I purchased my first box of Topps Baseball Cards at Soskin’s Pharmacy, located on Balboa Boulevard. I slipped over to Curry’s Ice Cream Parlor next door and meticulously opened every single pack, placing each card in numerical order. It was that day I pulled card #200 – and was forever transformed into a full-fledged sports card geek. Little did I know that ONE baseball card of Reggie Jackson (still the favorite card in my collection) would set a lifetime of collecting in motion.

As a kid, my collecting passion was fueled by weekly trips to see Lenny at World Series Baseball Card Shop located on Sherman Way. Somehow, my grandma always seemed to have a little extra money to lend toward a budding card collection – a memory I will always cherish and a loan that would never be repaid until now.

The years rolled by, and the collecting bug simply grew. Sure, there were brief affairs collecting items like Wacky Packs, Star Wars, and even Rocky cards. There was even a speed-dating session briefly collecting MAD and Cracked Magazines coupled by trips to Continental Comics on Devonshire Street (still there!). There were even painful breakups along the years which resulted in parting ways with items now viewed as sacred within the industry. Strangely, although these sales are painful memories – they were vital. I view the loss of many 2 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch cardboard cards in exchange for a couple of 11 by 14-inch diplomas as a significant win. In short, my cards paid for college – and so much more.

Now as an adult, with the heart of a kid firmly in place, I have been collecting feverishly for close to 35 years and attended nearly a thousand sports card shows and conventions. Aaron to Zito is the culmination of one man’s fantastic journey within the sports card industry – along with a loving tribute to a kid’s inestimable relationship with his sports card collecting grandmother, Georgia Zenor. Allow us to properly assist you in beginning or enhancing your collection within one of the most fun, exciting, and rewarding alternative investments on the planet! From A to Z, we can help!